katbieri asked:

"NAC" Why is it that Jessica Steen aka Lisa Stillman Bartlett is listed on UPTV's USA site as a main cast member but not on CBC's site? What's the deal, ey!?

I don’t know!

CBC and UPTV do things so differently, especially their promos. But I think I speak for a lot of fans when I say that Jessica Steen should be bumped to a main character; I mean, we see her about the same or more than we see Peter, and he’s a main member.

Quick Announcements/Reminders

Sooo, as we all know, the Heartland season premier date is coming up! What this means for this blog is this:

  • This is not a spoiler free blog.
  • Any confessions submitted about the most recently aired episode will be bumped to the top of the queue so we will see those first
  • And if you ever want to come talk to me about anything Heartland related, feel free, just mark it with an “NAC” so I know that it’s not a confession, otherwise it will probably be made into one.


P.S.Kinda want to make confessions on Thursday; kind of need confessions in order to do that!

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